Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Maisie's 1st Bath

I don't usually post Lo's other than the S.W.U. challenge on my blog, but I just had to add these of my new baby grandaughter having her 1st bath. I scrap lifted the design from a magazine, I thought it was so clever. I had wanted to use the magnets I bought ages ago and had so many pictures of Maisie having her bath, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to combine the two.

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S.W.U. 31

How I feel about?
Being a 'grandparent'

Martin decide he wanted to be called 'Grumpy' - I knew I didn't want to be :-
Grandma, Granny or Nanny - so decide on Nana 'T' as a friend had become 'Nana Lyn' just before Maisie was born, and I quite liked it. But in the end babies will call you what ever they want.

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S.W.U. 30

10 Things about ........... me!

It's quite difficult writing about yourself, but I realized I am different things to different people.

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Lost & Found

S.W.U challenge
Wk 29 Yes I'm still keeping up!

This picture is of my son Ben and our lovely daughter-in-law Nikki.
I found it quite difficult to find a picture to meet this challenge, but decided on these although I haven't actually lost Ben, but I have found the daughter I never had!!

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